Accessories for Volvo

There are many accessories you could buy for your Volvo. We know that. But, if you’re at all concerned about travelling in safety, the Travall Guard is one you really should consider investing in. You don’t even have to have a dog. That’s because our can reduce the significant risks associated with the unsecured cargo most of us carry in the rear of our vehicles at some time or other. In the event of an accident, even the most harmless of objects could cause serious injury when travelling at speed towards the windscreen. Each year, thousands of people on UK roads are harmed by everyday cargo such as luggage, tools, sports equipment, baby buggies and even their weekly groceries.

Of course, if you do own a dog, fitting a Travall Guard means that you’ll be able to concentrate on the road ahead, without distraction from your overenthusiastic best friend. And, after a long walk, there’ll be no muddy paw prints on your clean seats.

As the world’s leading producer of vehicle-specific guards and dividers, we make each one to the exact specifications of your particular Volvo model. We combine engineering expertise with design innovation and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce something that has many advantages over the cheap, universal style of Pet Barrier. Other Travall accessories made exclusively for the Volvo model you drive include hardwearing Boot Mat Liners and sets of Volvo Rubber Floor Mats. Constructed from an advanced rubber compound, they will prevent mud and dirt from ruining the interior of your car.

Whether you particular Volvo begins with a C, S, V or an X, you can equip it with a Travall accessory that will protect your car and make every journey a whole lot safer. We have Volvo accessories for models including the C30, S40, S80, V40, V50, V60, V70, XC60, XC70 and Volvo XC90.